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The Institute

The California Institute for Biomedical Research (Calibr) is an independent, not-for-profit organization established to accelerate the translation of basic biomedical research to innovative new medicines.† Scientists at Calibr work together with investigators at other academic institutions and non-profit foundations to advance exciting research discoveries and technologies to new medicines for the treatment of human disease.

Tools & Capabilities

Calibrís scientists have extensive drug discovery expertise and state-of-the-art drug discovery infrastructure including:


 uHTS† Automation & Technologies

 High Content Screening Platforms

 Medicinal Chemistry

 Protein Chemistry


 Chemical and Protein Libraries


We also have depth across a variety of platforms and modalities including:


 Protein Therapeutics

 Small Molecule Therapeutics

 Antibody Conjugates and Bi-Specifics

 Cell-Targeted Therapies

A Collaborative Focus

Calibr has ongoing scientific collaborations in cancer biology, degenerative diseases of aging and regenerative medicine, autoimmune, cardiovascular, and metabolic disease, as well programs focused on orphan and neglected disease.† We actively engage investigators with innovative new approaches to human therapeutics.


A Creative and Highly Integrated Approach

Calibr tightly integrates its broad drug discovery platforms and technologies, in-house expertise and academic collaborators to rapidly advance innovative new ideas toward the clinic.


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